Fishing With Kids

Fishing can be a wonderful hobby not only for adults but for kids as well. Here are top five tips for an enjoyable fishing with children:

A fish tale
Photo Credit: Dominic Cristofor on flickr

1. Equipment

Start by getting the right equipment based on the child’s height and weight. A fishing rod should never exceed the size of the child over six inches. The button reels are perfect for beginners and children.

2. Location

Instead of using a boat, fish in a small pond so when the child starts to get bored, he can run around.

3. Teach Them

Provide as much guidance as possible, but giving the least possible physical assistance. They must do everything themselves – the fight is so exciting! A good fight with a fish of any size is a remarkably fun experience for children.


Even if it’s hot, bring a pair of pants and a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt. It is cooler near the water. And if mosquitoes begin attacking, children can be covered.


Start with live bait. The worms are ideal. It is more effective to catch fishes – not to mention it is so fun to play with a worm! After practicing a bit, your children will be ready to try the artificial bait. Use lures and baits. They are easier to use and produce good results.