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Restaurants Open On Thanksgiving, St. George, Utah

Going out to eat for Thanksgiving?  Almost all restaurants will be open for Thanksgiving, but Christmas is a different story.

Here is a list of some of the restaurants that are open for Christmas  in St. George, Utah. There are 18 nearby restaurants within 3 blocks of Best Western Coral Hills.

Eating at the restaurant for Thanksgiving this year?















PANDA GARDEN212 N. 900 E.674-153811AM-9:30PMCHINESE
SAKURA939 E ST GEORGE BLVD275-288811:30-2:30; 4:30-10JAPANESE

*Walking Distance.

When choosing a place to stay one of the first things people look at after the property itself is the location to things to do and nearby restaurant options.  At the BEST WESTERN Coral Hills there are 18 restaurants within just three blocks and they are all worth checking out.  If you want to know what we recommend…well, that will depend upon what you are in the mood to eat!  But within those three blocks you can choose from Italian, Pasta, Pizza, Cosmopolitan, Mexican, Sushi, Thai, Chinese, American, Fast Food, Yogurt, and Seafood









Our Gazebo is back!

Our gazebo is back up at our outdoor sitting area close to the East Wing indoor section of BEST WESTERN Coral Hills.  It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy friends and the St. George sun.

After a good moment relaxing there are several things to do and see nearby to the BWCH.  We are in the St. George downtown, historic district and are within 3 blocks of 15 great restaurants, there are several museums, historic sites and shopping. when next you come to St. George check out this great area of town.

The restaurants, in no particular order, are: 1 George’s Corner, 2 Pasta Factory, 3 Pizza Factory, 4 Benja’s, 5 Painted Pony, 6 Bear Paw, 7 Piccolo Mundo, 8 Cappaletti’s, 9 Twenty-Five Main, 10 One Hot Grill, 11 Nelsons Frozen Custard, 12 Café Rio, 13 Iceberg 14 Red Ginger 15 Ocean Buffet

Museums include the St. George Art Museum, The St. George Children’s Museum, and the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers museum

There are many art studios that are sure to please the eyes and unique shops.

Activities for kids: The St. George Children’s Museum, The carrousel and splash pad at the St. George Downtown Plaza, Laser Mania with indoor laser tag an miniature golf and 4D rides, Bowling all within 3 blocks or less.


gazebo 2

A gazebo at the outdoor sitting area located next to the East Wing indoor section.





















Georges Corner Restaurant & Pub



George Pace owned and operated the Big Hand Café, which stood on this same corner, during the 1930’s and 40’s. The Big Hand Café was the center of town, the gathering spot, the place where news was shared. It quickly became a St. George icon and a stopping place for tourists as they traveled through Southern Utah.

The Greyhound bus would make its one stop in town at the Big Hand and each time it pulled in the waitresses would holler “bus in”, and they would get ready to serve the hungry travelers. Best remembered for its sign of a big hand outlined with blinking lights pointing to the front door and the lit up words “Especially Good Food”. It was easy to find – it was located at the only stop light in town. It was one of the first buildings to be “air cooled”, which was much desired in the hot summers of Southern Utah.

George’s Corner Restaurant celebrates the history of St. George and honors the great men and women who moved to this barren land and made it into a home. As the old sign promised, we serve “Especially Good Food”. George’s Corner is located only one block away from Best Western Coral Hills

Fargo’s Drive In of St. George

Fargos indulgence... the Warrior Burgar

Do you have a hungry team to feed?

Want a true “man-vs-food” experience?  Try taking on the Warrior Burger, it will be a fight to the finish.  It can feed the entire family.

Go to Fargo’s on Sunset Boulevard.  The food is FANTASTIC, and it has become a fast favorite of food aficionados. They also have remarkabley the best “fish n chips” in town…so say the Brits!

Fargo's Warrior Burger

Fargo's Warrior Burger

The Painted Pony Restaurant

Click HERE for the Painted Pony Restaurant

A culinary island in Southern Utah, the Painted Pony brings a touch of Southwestern class – and intriguing flavors – to St. George. The restaurant, tucked away in Ancestor Square, is exceptionally clean and cozy, with contemporary Southwestern art, fresh flowers, and — in the evening — a top notch romantic atmosphere with subdued lighting and patio dining. 

Serving Lunch & Dinner Monday – Saturday 11:30am-10:00pm & Sunday 4pm – 9pm, 435-634-1700.

Painted Pony Interior

Dinner & A Movie at 25 Main

NOW PLAYING: The Best Date Ever



2 Entrees

2 Fountain Drinks

2 Cupcakes (and these are the best!)

2 Movies

All for $30 at 25 Main

Located at 25 Main Street (of course) just two blocks away

This deal is operated, and tickets purchased through 25 Main 435-628-7110

Click HERE for the 25 Main menu.

Click HERE for the Westates Theater Movie Listings.

25 Main Interior

25 Main Cupcakes

Bear Paw Cafe – Delicious!

WOW!  Since the first day they opened their doors the Bear Paw Cafe has been a favorite for locals and visitors.  Their delicious waffles, coffees, and outstanding sandwiches MUST be tried!  If you won’t be joining us for our deluxe, continental breakfast, or just want to sleep in, then I would recommend taking a one block stroll from the Best Western Coral Hills to the now famous Bear Paw Cafe!

Show your room key or mention you are a Best Western Coral Hills Guest and you will recieve 

10% DISCOUNT off your entire ticket!

 THE BEAR PAW CAFE – 75 North Main Street – St George Utah 84770 – PHONE 435-634-0126