NEW!! Kokopelli Golf Course OPEN near St. George, Utah!

Kokopelli Golf Club is named after the legendary Anasazi god, Kokopelli, known as the amazing trickster. While exploring the deep gorge that cuts through the course, his image was found chipped into the dark volcanic rock. He declared his right to reign over this ancient realm. Many have been tricked into thinking the area is flat with only sage brush and rocks, but on closer inspection, you will see a wonderland of diverse terrain with deep gorges, streams, waterfalls, and pristine beauty. Since he’s also known as the Casanova of the Southwest, he casts his spell over those visiting the course, and they immediately fall in love with the mystic gorge and its surroundings.

In presenting the land as uninviting, Kokopelli hoped his trick would prevent you from coming so he could roam these canyons and hills undisturbed, but now that you’re here, he welcomes you with his magic flute. As you walk along the porous, obsidian-like, volcanic gorges of Kokopelli Golf Club, you might imagine the cool breezes that emanate from Kokopelli’s flute lifting your spirit with its melodic ecstasy.

To learn more or to book a tee time please call them at (435) 272-GOLF (4653) or schedule online.

The Best Western Coral Hills also offers golf packages with Kokopelli, of course.

They have recently opened golfing to 18 holes, plus opened a new dining facility located right by the clubhouse.

We look forward to seeing you!!