Moutain Meadow Massacre


Mountain Meadow Memorial

This is one of the greatest tragedies to occur in the Southern Utah area.  The Mountain Meadows Massacre was the killing of roughly 120 emigrants who were passing through Southern Utah in September 1857. The massacre occurred on September 11, 1857. The emigrants–men, women, and children–were traveling from Arkansas to California, part of the Baker-Fancher wagon train. They were killed by a group of local militia with the help of some of the area Indians.

Author Juanita Brooks, who studies and wrote the first book about the incident has concluded:

“The complete –the absolute — truth of the affair can probably never be evaluated by any human being; attempts to understand the forces which culminated in it and those which were set into motion by it are all very inadequate at best.

The memorial site is located approximately 30 miles north of St. George on highway 18.  The monument above has been erected overlooking the site.

Mountain Meadow Map

Mountain Meadow Map