Labor Day 2013 in St. George Utah

Labor Day 2013 in St. George, Utah

BWCH Housekeepping Staff

What do we do on Labor Day?  Why, we LABOR of course!  Enjoy YOUR holiday weekend.

Thank you for staying with us!

At the Best Western Coral Hills we help y0u celebrate the Labor Day weekend offering the best we have to offer.  What kind of Labor Day would it be if you didn’t go swimming?  We have TWO POOLS and spas to help with that.  Is it Labor Day without going out to eat even once?  We have 13 restaurants within 3 blocks to help that happen.  All American fare on Labor Day?  YES, that is something that cannot be missed…and Iceberg’s shakes, burgers and fries are just on the corner from us.  Need to get the shopping bug out of your system?  You know what?  We have several great , unique shops and, art studios just moments away…walking OR driving.

Curious about the origins of Labor Day?  HERE is one history of the holiday compiled by There’s even a quiz at the bottom for the kids who are out of school today and miss their homework.

Whatever you do this Labor Day, do it safe, have fun, enjoy family and come back to us soon.

– Staff, BEST WESTERN Coral Hills, St. George, UT