Bryce Canyon Rim Trail

Bryce Canyon Rim Trail
Length: 4.7 miles one way
Difficulty: Easy


The Rim Trail will take its hikers to an elevation gain of less than 200 feet. This trail is decent shape which offers an easy hike to visitors. The hike will basically span the border of the amphitheatre from above north at Fairy Point, passing underneath the Bryce Canyon Lodge and into the Bryce Point. From diametric perspective, this deranged crescent shaped trail offers captivating sceneries to its visitors.
Along with the border of the canyon is where a majority of the trails commences providing an easy hike for those enthusiasts who wanted to increase another loop trail in exploring the Rim Trail. There is hassle in starting at Bryce Point though the Fairyland Point is marked as the trailhead. It is important that hikers should plan ahead otherwise they will have to shuttle relay and start from the beginning all over again.

Fairy Point

Fairyland Point marks the northernmost point of the Rim Trail and likewise as trailhead for Fairyland Loop Trail as well as serves as a vantage point for visitors who wish to explore the wonders of Fairyland Canyon, Campbell Canyon, boat Mesa and the Sinking Ship. Because of its distant location from trails that goes together like Sunrise, Sunset and Inspiration Points, this destination offers a more alluring panorama of the park.

Sunrise Point

Close to half-way throughout the Rim Trail, the Sunrise Point which serves as trailhead to Queens Garden Loop Trail. It is located just atop the Sunset Point and east of the Bryce canyon Lodge. From this point, visitors will experience an absolute scenery of the Queens Garden, Mormon Temple and Bristlecone Point as well as distant landmarks to include Boat Mesa and the Sinking Ship.
Along the Bryce Rim Trail
Photo Credit: Darlene Bushue on flickr

Sunset Point

Sunset Point is situated underneath its sibling, the Sunrise Point, close to the center of the Rim Trail. This serves as the trailhead of the Navajo Loop Trail, considered as the park’s most popular trail. From this very position that visitors can have a close stare at some of the wonderful spots in the park such as the Bryce Amphitheatre, the Silent City, Thor’s Hammer and the tops of the Wall Street’s deep canyon.

Inspiration Point

Sitting along Rim Trail’s lower leg is the inspiration Point, closer to the west of the Cathedral and beneath the amphitheatre. Inspiration Point holds an immense and good angle spots of the popular landmarks of Sunrise and Sunset Points as well as the Bryce Point even though it has no official trail of its own.

Bryce Point

Bryce Point serves as the upper end of the Under the Rim Trail and lower end o the Rim Trail, heading their path from Rainbow Point towards the south. Also serves as Peekaboo Loop Trail’s trailhead, this meanders underneath the side of the amphitheater along with the Cathedral and the Alligator, likewise in the Wall of Windows.

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