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SUU – International Film Festival

January 30, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

SUU 10th annual International Film Festival held 6:00 pm in the Southern Utah University – Sharwan Smith Theater (351 W University Blvd, Cedar City), admission is FREE, subtitled, and open to the public. The festival will run for roughly two weeks and feature six films in different languages including Spanish, French, German, and English. An A.P.E.X. talk will be given January 31 at 11:30 a.m. by Amandine Gay, director of Ouvrir la Voix. Gay is an Afro-feminist filmmaker, activist, and journalist. Gay will also introduce her film, and lead the post-viewing Q & A session.
Monday, January 28 (6 p.m.): Seven Boxes (Siete Cajas)
The most awarded film in Paraguay’s history, Siete Cajas narrates one eventful day in the life of 17-year-old Victor, a wheelbarrow delivery boy in Mercado 4, the biggest market in Asunción. Assistant Professor of Spanish at SUU, Dr. Junice Acosta, will present the film. 

Wednesday, January 30 (6 p.m.): Speak Up! (Ouvrir la Voix!)
Ouvrir la Voix!, written and directed by Amandine Gay, is a documentary about European Francophone black women, which centers on the experience of being different. Gay will be on campus to present the film and give an A.P.E.X. talk on January 31. 

Monday, February 4 (6 p.m.): Rabbit Á La Berlin
The 2009 Polish-German documentary, Rabbit Á La Berlin, tells the recent history of Germany from the end of World War II, through the founding of the two German republics and the building (and demise) of the Berlin Wall, from the perspective of the rabbits. SUU Professor Corey Twitchell, an expert in postwar German history and culture, will present the film. 

Wednesday, February 6 (6 p.m.): Heart of the Andes
Filmed on location in Peru, Heart of the Andes tells the remarkable story of the international humanitarian organization Heart Walk Foundation, which is based in southern Utah. Filmmaker Melynda Thorpe features the indigenous Q’ero community in the Andes, and through the eyes of a small boy, we learn how the organization helped the Q’ero community. The film will be presented by Thorpe.

Monday, February 11 (6 p.m.): The Workshop (L’Atelier)
Olivia, a successful Parisian novelist, has been hired to spend the summer in La Ciotat, a beautiful but economically battered town on the Mediterranean, teaching a writing workshop for a diverse group of young people. Julie Simon, a local fiction writer and retired English professor, will present the film.

Wednesday, February 13th (6 pm): The Lives of Others (Das Leben Der Anderen)
Winner of the 2006 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Das Leben der Anderen portrays East German couple Georg and Christa, both prominent artists and seemingly loyal to the government, and the agent for the secret police who lives in their attic and monitors their every word. SUU Professor Corey Twitchell will also present this film.