Petroglyph Park, Anasazi Art


Bloomington Petroglyph ParkAt the Bloomington Petrogliph Park you can park your car right in front of the rocks, walk 20 feet and see amazing ancient petroglyphs up close.  Located only minutes away from downtown St. George, Utah.  So close you can actually touch them.  However, please don’t come in contact with the ancient petroglyphs as human skin oil will degrade the old Indian art.
In the middle of a 0.5 acre lot, a huge boulder appears to have been split in two.  In the middle are really cool images carved into the rock by Anasazi Indians that were most likely the ancestors of the current Navajo tribe in Utah.  In fact, the park is right on Navajo Drive in Bloomington. Bloomington Indian Rock Art
Apparently the boulder and ancient art was discovered during the development of the St. George neighborhood.  The building lot was either purchased or donated to the state of Utah, who turned it into a mini-State park.
Old Indian Trail Map in St. GeorgeThe carved images left behind on the rocks most likely either tell a story, or leave trail directions.  You can recognize some images as humans, horses, and perhaps deer.
Bloomington Petroglyph Park is located on the northeast corner of Geronimo Road and Navajo Drive in the St. George Bloomington neighborhood.  GPS Directions to the park from are below. 
Site Name: Bloomington Petroglyph Park
Country: United States Region: The Southwest Type: Rock Art
Nearest Town: St. George, UT
GPS directions Latitude: 37.052830N  Longitude: 113.6154W

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