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Shakespeare Festival

The 2017 Shakespeare Festival
All the world’s a stage, and from June to October the stages of Cedar City, Utah will be filled with the genius wit, thrilling drama, and delightful humor of William Shakespeare.

For five glorious months, skilled actors will present some of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, as well as some non-Shakespearean plays. This is the perfect time to introduce new generations to the wonderful world of Shakespeare and dive headfirst into the renaissance.

The Performance Lineup
The summer festival features some Shakespearean plays and a few others. For the 2017 season, plays will include Shakespeare in Love, Romeo and Juliet, As you Like it, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare’s Long Lost First Play (Abridged), Guys and Dolls, Treasure Island, The Tavern, and How to Fight Loneliness. There is also a free event, The Greenshow, which is full of laughter, love, and adventure. This huge range of exciting plays provides something for even the most discerning of tastes.

Impressive Performances
The Utah Shakespeare Festival isn’t just another hodgepodge of plays thrown together. This festival is so incredible it earned a Tony Award in 2000 for “Outstanding Regional Theater”. Guests who are lucky enough to enjoy the shows at the Utah Shakespeare Festival will feel lucky to have had the opportunity to watch Shakespearean plays in such an incredible, unforgettable way.

More than Plays
The Utah Shakespeare Festival offers so much more than a chance to watch incredible plays. They have a variety of seminars, orientations, and a deeper look into the life and works of Shakespeare. Serious play enthusiasts will feel right at home at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

Wherefore Art Thou? Hopefully in Cedar City
Missing the fantastic plays and events at the Utah Shakespeare Festival will surely lead to regret. Visitors have a chance, from June to October, to have an incredible time while experiencing Shakespearean plays like never before. Visit right now for a terrific deal on ticket prices and other amazing deals in Cedar City. This celebration of the life and works of William Shakespeare is something that cannot be missed

Fishing With Kids

Fishing can be a wonderful hobby not only for adults but for kids as well. Here are top five tips for an enjoyable fishing with children:

A fish tale
Photo Credit: Dominic Cristofor on flickr

1. Equipment

Start by getting the right equipment based on the child’s height and weight. A fishing rod should never exceed the size of the child over six inches. The button reels are perfect for beginners and children.

2. Location

Instead of using a boat, fish in a small pond so when the child starts to get bored, he can run around.

3. Teach Them

Provide as much guidance as possible, but giving the least possible physical assistance. They must do everything themselves – the fight is so exciting! A good fight with a fish of any size is a remarkably fun experience for children.


Even if it’s hot, bring a pair of pants and a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt. It is cooler near the water. And if mosquitoes begin attacking, children can be covered.


Start with live bait. The worms are ideal. It is more effective to catch fishes – not to mention it is so fun to play with a worm! After practicing a bit, your children will be ready to try the artificial bait. Use lures and baits. They are easier to use and produce good results.

Bryce Canyon Rim Trail

Bryce Canyon Rim Trail
Length: 4.7 miles one way
Difficulty: Easy


The Rim Trail will take its hikers to an elevation gain of less than 200 feet. This trail is decent shape which offers an easy hike to visitors. The hike will basically span the border of the amphitheatre from above north at Fairy Point, passing underneath the Bryce Canyon Lodge and into the Bryce Point. From diametric perspective, this deranged crescent shaped trail offers captivating sceneries to its visitors.

Along with the border of the canyon is where a majority of the trails commences providing an easy hike for those enthusiasts who wanted to increase another loop trail in exploring the Rim Trail. There is hassle in starting at Bryce Point though the Fairyland Point is marked as the trailhead. It is important that hikers should plan ahead otherwise they will have to shuttle relay and start from the beginning all over again.

Fairy Point

Fairyland Point marks the northernmost point of the Rim Trail and likewise as trailhead for Fairyland Loop Trail as well as serves as a vantage point for visitors who wish to explore the wonders of Fairyland Canyon, Campbell Canyon, boat Mesa and the Sinking Ship. Because of its distant location from trails that goes together like Sunrise, Sunset and Inspiration Points, this destination offers a more alluring panorama of the park.

Sunrise Point

Close to half-way throughout the Rim Trail, the Sunrise Point which serves as trailhead to Queens Garden Loop Trail. It is located just atop the Sunset Point and east of the Bryce canyon Lodge. From this point, visitors will experience an absolute scenery of the Queens Garden, Mormon Temple and Bristlecone Point as well as distant landmarks to include Boat Mesa and the Sinking Ship.

Along the Bryce Rim Trail
Photo Credit: Darlene Bushue on flickr

Sunset Point

Sunset Point is situated underneath its sibling, the Sunrise Point, close to the center of the Rim Trail. This serves as the trailhead of the Navajo Loop Trail, considered as the park’s most popular trail. From this very position that visitors can have a close stare at some of the wonderful spots in the park such as the Bryce Amphitheatre, the Silent City, Thor’s Hammer and the tops of the Wall Street’s deep canyon.

Inspiration Point

Sitting along Rim Trail’s lower leg is the inspiration Point, closer to the west of the Cathedral and beneath the amphitheatre. Inspiration Point holds an immense and good angle spots of the popular landmarks of Sunrise and Sunset Points as well as the Bryce Point even though it has no official trail of its own.

Bryce Point

Bryce Point serves as the upper end of the Under the Rim Trail and lower end o the Rim Trail, heading their path from Rainbow Point towards the south. Also serves as Peekaboo Loop Trail’s trailhead, this meanders underneath the side of the amphitheater along with the Cathedral and the Alligator, likewise in the Wall of Windows.

Must know 10 Important Fishing Tips for Starters

Fishing is very exciting. Not only you will catch different species of fish but you look forward to have them in your dining table. If you are fishing for the first time, consider the following tips:

Photo Credit: Amber on flickr

1. Take some research

Before you ruin your first fishing experience, try to understand the basics of fishing and learn the things associated to it. Read some fishing books or browse the internet for information you need to know about fishing. You might also consider accompany a friend who has experience in fishing to help your first time more enjoyable.

2. Learn the Basic Steps.

As soon as you have done some research, it would be the right time to do some try outs and learn some fishing skills. Start with the basics like placing bait on the fishing hook, tying knots and casting your lines. These are the first few skills that you need to understand before you decide to ride on the boat and cast your fishing rod on the water.

3. Get the appropriate tool for you.

For those who are starting to fish, it is better to use simple equipment. Rod and reels should offer simple operations particularly for beginners and the use of open-faced fishing reels may not be recommended.

4. Choose the right bait.

Better know the type of fish you want to catch. Different fishes are attracted to different baits. Take it for instance the bream fish which is attracted to insects like cricket while catfish are responsive to raw chicken liver and other specially made baits.

5. Take a good location.

Chose a location which fishes spawn well. This way, you will greatly enjoy the most of your fishing experience by catching great fishes.

6. Know the weather.

Fishing trips can be successful depending on the kind of weather. As much as possible, go out on a fishing trip with an overcast sky because this is proven to offer great fishing deals.

7. Wear the right fishing gear.

One should properly dress when on a fishing trip. Wearing boots is a must as you have to wade many time unexpectedly. Also, the changing weather especially in the afternoon can affect your trip so it is a good idea to wear clothes in layers. For those fishing with long hairs, better tie it with a ponytail at the back.

8. Take some food.

First time fishing would take some time before you can take your first catch, thus it is important to pack your food for lunch or perhaps until snacks.

9. Bring some bug spray.

Water is prone to bugs and mosquitoes, therefore bringing insect spray that are itch-free would do a lot better.

10. Maximum concentration.

In order to take home some good catch, remember to stay focused and pay maximum concentration on fishing. It is also a nice idea not to bring some distraction as taking kids with you could sometimes take your focus away.

In any field of expertise, practice always makes perfect. Try to familiarize the ten basic steps mentioned above to help level up your expertise in fishing. Sooner or later, you are going to be a seasoned fisherman with the best catch on your basket!

Favorite Restaurants In Cedar City

Cedar City upon first glance might come off as small and “boring”. Which is funny, because it is quite the opposite of boring, small yes. Boring? Not really. There are actually quite a few things to try out and enjoy while visiting this little town, on of those being dining. We all love food right? Here are some of Cedars top restaurants:

Sonny Boys BBQ

If you’re looking for the best BBQ this side of the Mississippi then you need to check out Sonny Boys. This family owned business started when father and son decided that they wanted to bring some of the best BBQ to Utah. Not only do we think that they succeeded in that goal, we think that they have surpassed that goal.

The Pizza Cart

Made from scratch, wood fired pizza. Do we really need to say much more? This is actaully one of the more popular places to eat in Cedar. This charming and humble little pizza spot started out as an actual cart in front of ace hardware where a couple sold pizza to help pay their way through school. Eventually they opened up the shop and the rest is history!

Grind Coffee House

“Down to earth coffee shop”, that really about sums it up. This place serves espresso, light breakfasts and some lunch. It’s the perfect little spot to set up the laptop and do some homework. The staff here is friendly and welcoming and the decor is warm! Really a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

The Digital Age and Family Reunions: How to attain the most out of a gathering

In 1932 when my ancestors took a family reunion photo, they did not have in mind our generation, inasmuch as they minded lunch. Instead, they would search for where little Melvin had vanished to and worry about when it was time to leave to get home. However, I am very glad for the time they spared as this photo has now become priceless for the whole family.

This Summer when there is a get together for family reunions, it is important that you ensure future generations can access family reunions that are considered important. Stories and FamilySearch photos offer tools that help in capturing, preserving and sharing memories for the family and future generations.

The following are useful tips and ideas for using stories and photos that may add some flair to reunions. You may try this out in case you haven’t had the chance of using stories and photos before. An automated search was recently added which is useful in finding your ancestors photos. On the photo page, you’re only required to click the blue button in order to log in and see the photos that others have added.

Photo Credit: Christi Olerich (Humble) on flickr

General Ideas

At any family gathering, you will find several photos related activities that may happen. The following are some of the ideas.

Taking a Group Photo- This is a no brainer, and for purposes of generations to come, it is important to have all family members captured.

Photo slideshow- You may set up your television or laptop with a looping slide show of family members. Get as many people as possible to contribute to the slide show. Ensure that the photos are uploaded to in order for family members to see the photos on their arrival.

Photo name tags— From every attendee, obtain a headshot and for larger events get their ancestral origin placing a name tag on each photo in order to ensure that everybody remembers their names. Most get-togethers and family reunions are held in locations or other buildings that have Wi-Fi. Other family members may bring along some sort of Internet Hot Spot. Whatever the case is, take advantage of internet access, if available, for you document the family history on FamilySearch.

Story presentation and Photos- On when uploading the photo, tag and link it to your family tree. One can arrange for a projector for use in larger groups. A laptop would come in handy for smaller groups. All photos linked to the ancestors in the 4th generation pedigree chart will show up. Just to test it, one may visit the FamilySearch Photos page and click on the blue button.

Photo identification- In order to identify the people in these photos that have been uploaded, work with groups and individuals. The picture of my family reunion is a great example. I do not know everybody in the photo but the blanks can be filled by working together.

Offer time for exploring- In order for the Family Tree fan chart to be explored, it is important to have a few laptops together with stories of their own pace. Stories may be added to photos and other people who were previously unknown can be added to the photos.

Recording time- A video recorder together with a handheld digital audio recorder may be used in capturing individuals sharing memories and telling stories which can be cherished and preserved by future generations.

Nevertheless, you will be glad to share a reunion photo by use of this approach. The stories and photos of our ancestors may be useful in creating a connection that bridges generations.

Free Winter Activities in Cedar City

Star Party In Brian Head

Every winter, Brian Head Ski Resort holds “Star Parties” at Navajo Lodge. Locals and visitors alike are all welcome to join in the fun and experience the nights wonders like never before! These events are free of charge and last about two hours. Enjoy possibly seeing star clusters, galaxies and the winter Milky Way!

Cross Country Skiing – Dixie National Forest

There is over 2 million acres to explore at the Dixie National Forest. Deer Hollow Non-Motorized Recreation Area is about 30 minutes from Cedar and consists of nearly 1,300 acres of area that can be explored, ideal for cross country skiing.

Photo Credit: Karen Neoh on flickr

Cedar Breaks Yurt Hot Coco

At the beginning of January you can find volunteers at the Yurt located at the Alpine Pond Trailhead each Saturday handing out hot coco to all the visitors. Perfect to warm up after an adventure such as snowboarding, sledding, skiing, or snowshoeing.

Winter At Cedar Breaks

Due to heavy snowfall, Highway 148 is normally closed during the winter. Luckily, it becomes a groomed trail perfect for snowshoeing and cross country skiing throughout the park. Enjoy Cedar Breaks red rock formations, and explore the trail as far as you’d like for free (or very cheap).

Vacation For Kids

The main ingredient for a smooth family trip is to take care of the needs of the family and finding the perfect balance between activities and relaxing time. Also, there are several other factors that families must consider like where to go and how to save money, etc. Traveling with children is not easy; the overtired and bored children become frustrated and cranky.

Summer Vacation
Photo Credit: Люба Златкова on flickr

Travel with children need not to be a pestering, but, it can be Here you can find some tips that can help your plan for a smooth family vacation.

Plan a Smarter for Family Vacation:

When you plan your next vacation with kids, and then make sure to prepare yourself well and plan the vacation that makes everyone happy. Make a list of destinations and select the one that everyone agreed to, if you are traveling with toddlers, then choose the destination that is toddler-friendly and provide several activities for little kids. You can also save some money on your trip by select the best accommodations, wise planning help you save money as well as allows you and your family have maximum fun.
Many people are scared to fly with little kids, but there is no need to worry at all. The families can choose the best airlines that offer best deals for kids, or they can also choose to fly first class. You should also consider kids comfort while you on a trip.

Decide your preference

Make sure to involve the entire family while choosing the destination for your family vacation. Sit down and discuss everyone’s interests and ideas. Memorable trips are those that each member of the family can experience the wonderful trip and something they care for. Talk about each members expectations and thoughts, talk about the trip budget and plan how the trip should not sore your pocket, but, instead it allow you to have exciting and fun family trip.
Avoid traveling in peak season. Try to plan your vacation during the off-season, so that you can save a lot of money on accommodation and flights.

Check the Reviews for Smooth Family Vacations

Going on a vacation without proper planning can be a disaster and scary, particularly when you are planning a vacation with kids. The reviews can help you find the best vacation spots, hotels and other things that help you to get some idea about your traveling plans. You can visit the website Pure Wander where you can find genuine reviews that can help you to the make right decision.

Conclusion: Choosing the right destination and right place to stay can help you enjoy your vacation with family. Checking the reviews before heading for a family trip can help you save money and also allow you experience the most memorable vacation.

Essential Travel Tips for Affordable Family Vacation

Sometimes, even though you made a perfect planning still you may face few glitches here and there. One small wrong step can ruin the entire vacation plan, and you may end up spending more money than the actual budget. That is why proper planning is required when you travelling with children and elderly people. Here you can find few simple yet very efficient tips for a smooth vacation.

Plan Smart Vacation with Family:

As you are all set for a pleasant vacation, make sure to involve your kids in the vacation plan and prepare them to get ready and fun with family. Check the passports and other necessary documents that all the dates are valid before travelling internationally. Now, choose the destination along with other family members, you can browse the internet to see which destination is good for your entire family, you can find toddler-friendly destination, exciting and entertaining destinations, the destination that excites the children, etc. You can also find several saving tips, which can make the Dad happy as they can help him save money on their trip.

People get scared to fly with a baby, but, there is nothing to worry, everything is possible. So if you want to visit international vacation spot then go ahead, the airline special deals can make it possible to fly happily with a baby.

Even pregnant lady can travel with little extra preparation, but new moms can freely explore the world with less worry. Pregnancy is not an excuse for you to not have fun, take you better half along with you and do hiking and small adventures, but, choose the adventures that are safe for you and for the baby.

Photo Credit: easyandme on flickr

Check the Reviews for Best Family Vacations:

Going on a vacation without knowing exactly where or without proper planning can be terrifying especially when you are going with kids. But, if you check the reviews before planning a vacation can help you choose the right destination. Check Pure Wander for genuine reviews that can help you find the perfect vacation spot.
Finding the best and affordable place to stay is also one of the important factors to be considered when you are staying with kids. We can help you find the best place so that you can choose the right accommodation for your stay. There are several exciting places including Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, Hotel Diva at San Francisco, etc. You can also check the reviews on best restaurants, the best eatery places such as Wynkoop Brewery at Colorado and fun activities for families include Segway tours at San Francisco or Summer Camp for kids.

These tips can help you plan your vacation with a little frustration. However, with lot of patience and full preparation you can make a memorable and fun vacation possible with kids.

Must See, No Cost – 9 Cedar City, Utah Attractive Places

Situated in Utah, Cedar City provides an opportunity for all year round activities to be carried out. This ranges from Brian Head Mountain biking at summer time to skiing during winter time.

1) Visiting Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

Water, wind and sand passes out from this natural passageway which was at one time used by the ancient Native Americans as a thoroughfare. The many carved petroglpyhs in the Gap is evidence of the various cultures. Lunar and solar calendars have been selected by researchers as well as cultural and hunting glyphs. This is the Stonehenge version of North America.

2) “Red Hill” and Cedar Canyon:

This is usually open to the public all year round as long as the weather permits. The Cedar Canyon park is situated on both sides of the Coal Creek. There are two pavilions available for gatherings in the group. Also available is the playground and volleyball court. The scenic paved walking trail is situated along the Coal Creek’s banks, weaving its way up for 3.5 miles into the Cedar Canyon Park. The trail begins at the Baseball Complex of the Cedar City and goes past the Cedar Canyon Park, ending just after the Rusty’s Ranch House. This trail is appropriate for bikes, roller blades and strollers too.

Cedar Breaks, Cedar City, UT
Photo Credit: Tonya Wilson on flickr

3) Park Discovery:

Above the Cedar City on a hill is an assembly of mazes, wooden towers, dinosaur digs, slides, rocket ships and volcanoes. The Park Discovery is an educational fun filled place where children of all ages can play and learn. Concepts from more than 4,000 kids locally are integrated in the park’s concept’s design. Besides the play elements of education, there is an outdoor classroom, stage area and a toddler’s separate play area, swings, accessible handicap ramps, and a ¾ walking paved trail which surrounds the entire park.

4) Exit 59 Skateboard Park:

Open throughout the year, this attraction features several rails and ramps if the weather permits.

5) Daughters of the Utah Pioneers:

This is a free museum that has a collection of various pioneer artifacts

6) Veterans Park:

This monument was established in the year 2006 in honor of the veterans of the Cedar city. It was put up for both world wars; the Iraqi, Afghanistan war and the Vietnam and Korean wars. The park is situated just adjacent to the Canyon Trail that is a scenic walking trail and which goes 3 miles up the canyon. The trail is perfect for strollers and bikes and various beaches are available where one can rest as he is enjoying the surrounding scenery.

7) Woods Ranch:

This attraction is open to the public from late May and all through to September. Situated 12 miles to the east of Cedar City, the site is good for picnics, playing volleyball and hiking through the Rim Trailhead Virgin River. The Kids pond is free for kids below the age of 12 years. However, the kids have to be accompanied by an adult who has got a valid license in Utah fishing which can be purchased online ahead of time.

8) Old Iron Town:

The firing kiln explores the remains of an old town in mining.

9) Main Street Park

Best for Saturday afternoons with good weather, one can watch the practice of Mid Evil Jousting or free concerts of outdoor music at fall and summer time. The park which was put up in 1886, it features swings, a bandstand that was newly constructed and a covered pavilion.

The above named nine places are free, friendly and family attractions that come in handy making it a great place for holding affordable family vacations in Cedar city.