Must See, No Cost – 9 Cedar City, Utah Attractive Places

Situated in Utah, Cedar City provides an opportunity for all year round activities to be carried out. This ranges from Brian Head Mountain biking at summer time to skiing during winter time.

1) Visiting Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

Water, wind and sand passes out from this natural passageway which was at one time used by the ancient Native Americans as a thoroughfare. The many carved petroglpyhs in the Gap is evidence of the various cultures. Lunar and solar calendars have been selected by researchers as well as cultural and hunting glyphs. This is the Stonehenge version of North America.

2) “Red Hill” and Cedar Canyon:

This is usually open to the public all year round as long as the weather permits. The Cedar Canyon park is situated on both sides of the Coal Creek. There are two pavilions available for gatherings in the group. Also available is the playground and volleyball court. The scenic paved walking trail is situated along the Coal Creek’s banks, weaving its way up for 3.5 miles into the Cedar Canyon Park. The trail begins at the Baseball Complex of the Cedar City and goes past the Cedar Canyon Park, ending just after the Rusty’s Ranch House. This trail is appropriate for bikes, roller blades and strollers too.
Cedar Breaks, Cedar City, UT
Photo Credit: Tonya Wilson on flickr

3) Park Discovery:

Above the Cedar City on a hill is an assembly of mazes, wooden towers, dinosaur digs, slides, rocket ships and volcanoes. The Park Discovery is an educational fun filled place where children of all ages can play and learn. Concepts from more than 4,000 kids locally are integrated in the park’s concept’s design. Besides the play elements of education, there is an outdoor classroom, stage area and a toddler’s separate play area, swings, accessible handicap ramps, and a ¾ walking paved trail which surrounds the entire park.

4) Exit 59 Skateboard Park:

Open throughout the year, this attraction features several rails and ramps if the weather permits.

5) Daughters of the Utah Pioneers:

This is a free museum that has a collection of various pioneer artifacts

6) Veterans Park:

This monument was established in the year 2006 in honor of the veterans of the Cedar city. It was put up for both world wars; the Iraqi, Afghanistan war and the Vietnam and Korean wars. The park is situated just adjacent to the Canyon Trail that is a scenic walking trail and which goes 3 miles up the canyon. The trail is perfect for strollers and bikes and various beaches are available where one can rest as he is enjoying the surrounding scenery.

7) Woods Ranch:

This attraction is open to the public from late May and all through to September. Situated 12 miles to the east of Cedar City, the site is good for picnics, playing volleyball and hiking through the Rim Trailhead Virgin River. The Kids pond is free for kids below the age of 12 years. However, the kids have to be accompanied by an adult who has got a valid license in Utah fishing which can be purchased online ahead of time.

8) Old Iron Town:

The firing kiln explores the remains of an old town in mining.

9) Main Street Park

Best for Saturday afternoons with good weather, one can watch the practice of Mid Evil Jousting or free concerts of outdoor music at fall and summer time. The park which was put up in 1886, it features swings, a bandstand that was newly constructed and a covered pavilion.
The above named nine places are free, friendly and family attractions that come in handy making it a great place for holding affordable family vacations in Cedar city.

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