Favorite Restaurants In Cedar City

Cedar City upon first glance might come off as small and “boring”. Which is funny, because it is quite the opposite of boring, small yes. Boring? Not really. There are actually quite a few things to try out and enjoy while visiting this little town, on of those being dining. We all love food right? Here are some of Cedars top restaurants:

Sonny Boys BBQ

If you’re looking for the best BBQ this side of the Mississippi then you need to check out Sonny Boys. This family owned business started when father and son decided that they wanted to bring some of the best BBQ to Utah. Not only do we think that they succeeded in that goal, we think that they have surpassed that goal.

The Pizza Cart

Made from scratch, wood fired pizza. Do we really need to say much more? This is actaully one of the more popular places to eat in Cedar. This charming and humble little pizza spot started out as an actual cart in front of ace hardware where a couple sold pizza to help pay their way through school. Eventually they opened up the shop and the rest is history!

Grind Coffee House

“Down to earth coffee shop”, that really about sums it up. This place serves espresso, light breakfasts and some lunch. It’s the perfect little spot to set up the laptop and do some homework. The staff here is friendly and welcoming and the decor is warm! Really a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

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